Maintenance test

As per German accident prevention regulations for electrical installations and equipment (DGUV Regulation 3) of Employers Liability Insurance Association, voltage detectors, phase comparators and pluggable capacitive voltage detecting systems are subject to maintenance tests at intervals not exceeding 6 years. Dipl. Ing. H. Horstmann GmbH offers this maintenance testing for all new but also for some older devices of own production.

Regardless of the duty to perform maintenance testing, the following rule is mandatory for devices and equipment including voltage detectors: The user is responsible for the safe and proper condition of the devices. Prior to each use, the user must verify devices and equipment are suitable for proper function as well as checking for externally visible damages and defects.

Integrated capacitive voltage testing devices of the Wega series including Wega 1.2, Wega 1.2 C, Wega 2.2, Wega 2.2 C, Wega 1.2 C vario, Wega 3 and Wega T1 with self-test facility, are not subject to maintenance tests.

Maintenance test on devices belonging to the AC and FGB series are no longer carried out. In exchange, we offer corresponding new devices.

If you would like to send a device to us for the maintenance test, please fill out the document and enclose it with the shipment.


(copy 3)

a) All devices, which are sent to us by our customers, must be sent complete, including operating sticks and extension elements.
b) We perform maintenance test only on the condition that the devices are not older than 24 years and in a technically acceptable condition. For devices with an age >14 and ≤24 years, an extended maintenance test will be performed, including electronics replacement.
c) For all battery-operated devices, the battery replacement is mandatory during maintenance test (included in the price).
d) Due to the disproportionately high testing expenditure, we do not carry out maintenance tests, but we offer “old” versus “new”. Here we grant a special discount of 20 % on the new price if the old devices are sent back.
e) Due to the disproportionately high testing expenditure, we do not carry out maintenance tests on HO-ST / NO-ST, but we offer new devices HR-ST / LRM-ST.
f) Can be carried out on own initiative with the Orion 3.0, 3.1, M1. Orion 3.0, 3.1 conclude a good / bad condition. Further quantitative measurements can be carried out using HO-M and NO-M measuring adapters as well as appropriate digital multimeters.
g) This test includes a metrological recalibration and maintenance test based on DIN EN 691243-2. We recommend the test every 2 years.


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