Best system solutions: state-of-the-art products and consultancy expertise included

A good solution to a technical challenge features more than just calling on outstanding products: As part of our solution-oriented approach, we also offer the hard- and visualisation software required for it. This way, we make the distribution network transparent – not just in the event of a fault.

Our long experience gained over many decades enables us to develop, produce and continually update state-of-the-art short-circuit and earth fault indicators and, of course, voltage detecting systems. First and foremost, network stability and network capacity are at stake. To create it, data must be collected, forwarded and evaluated. In this way, predictive load management can be realized and the security to supply can be ensured.

It is our ambitious view of the future that convinces us that, by using the right system solution, we can secure and monitor overhead lines even better in the future. It is our understanding of the needs of the service technicians in the field that allows us to replace the short-circuit indicators for overhead lines that are costly and time-consuming to install with new versions that are intuitive and quick to install.

It is our understanding of reliability that inspires us to develop new products for traffic engineering. Our aim is to implement further products and system solutions for railway companies and route operators, raise to unprecedented levels predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring and thus customer orientation, and to help shape future mobility.

A good solution always features creative team work. Our engineers and technicians are therefore never content with the first answer to a specific problem. They always look for the best answer.


Digital substations

Efficient voltage analysis and monitoring to ensure voltage quality. Here you will find various products for gas and air-insulated switchgear, whether voltage testers, voltage testing systems or short-circuit and earth fault indicators.

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Substation accessories

Is your switchgear safe? With accessory components from Horstmann you can ensure the proper and safe operation of your system. In this section you will find a variety of important equipment components for your medium-voltage electrical systems, such as voltage testers, signs & more.

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