From professionals for professionals: Earthing devices

Operators of medium voltage networks are not reliant just on the trouble-free transmission of electrical energy and its effective distribution. Operating safely is just as important, for both people and technology. High quality earthing and short-circuiting devices by Horstmann play a key part in this.

Our portable devices help you carry out temporary earthing or earthing and short-circuiting of disconnected or de-energized switchgears safely and quickly.

Our highly trained staff is here to advise you on selecting the right device considering the neutral point treatment (whether or not solidly earthed), defining the cable length, the type of connecting parts and the connecting points on the high-voltage conductor. And they can also do this with the important electrical parameters: rated short-circuit time tr, rated short-circuit current Ir and, last but not least, the short-circuit peak factor.

Are you also looking for professionals and the best technical products and solutions for the earthing and short-circuiting of disconnected or voltage-free parts for electrical systems? Do you also want maximum safety levels to prevent dangerous voltages and electric arcs in the event of unintentional reconnection, and do you want to protect your people, your system and your devices from being damaged? At Horstmann, we can help you with this.

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