Partnership on an equal footing – also in purchasing

First things first: You can talk to us! We value open and constructive dialogue. However, where we are not open to discussion is on topics such as reliability, timeliness and quality.

One of the ways you can tell our quality is by the utmost care with which we purchase a range of different components and parts. These include circuit boards, electronic components and batteries, but also electrical sheets, adhesive and potting compounds and injection-moulded parts. And, of course, we exercise the same care with the cables and cable assembly as with the turned and sheet metal parts.

As a flexible service provider, we are more than just technical advisors for all companies involved in energy supply: our high level of innovation also makes us key trendsetters for our customers too. Food for thought: we work well with and enjoy our work with suppliers that also attach the same importance to innovation and continued development.

Our buyers’ actions are characterised by the desire for long-term partnerships and a collaboration based on trust. Those are the values we live by ourselves and that play an important role for our suppliers and partners too. We focus on framework agreements with local and global suppliers. Growing together to meet the requirements of the markets – this is what connects us all.

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