The fastest fault location starts with modern short-circuit and earth fault indicators

As a result of our many years of experience, we at Horstmann know that there’s nothing more important for a distribution network operator trying to locate a network fault than time. High-quality and modern short-circuit and earth fault indicators with directional indication and monitoring functions as well as innovative system solutions are the answer for minimising the effort and thus the cost of locating a fault in a medium voltage network.

To meet this requirement, at Horstmann we have developed and established products with directional indication for medium voltage cable and overhead line networks. They are equally suitable for radially fed, open ring and closed ring networks, as well as networks with a decentralised feeding system. Irrespective of the intended purpose, our promise remains the same: the highest quality – for continuous monitoring or in the event of a fault.

Keyword fault: Directional short-circuit and earth fault indicators ensure that the fault area is safely and instantly identified. Another strong argument for using our products is that on-site indication and the remote signal to the control room work in parallel; if required, you can also switch remotely. We know that target-oriented activation and switching is the only guarantee for getting consumers their power back quickly.

All in all, these technical features account for a noticeable minimisation of time and effort when searching for a fault and a constant high availability of energy supply – costs for the energy provider fall, and earnings are optimised.

The reliability of our directional short-circuit and earth fault indicators in continuous monitoring and thus in normal operation also speaks for our high level of technical expertise. Few products feature such high quality as ours. In addition to the provision of current and highly accurate measurements of the power and voltage, as a customer you also benefit from a wealth of other information from the distribution network. From the reliable transmission of simple station reports, such as door contacts or temperature alarms, to the submission of status information from the digital substations, we ensure transparency in the distribution network.

Our range of new concepts, including Predictive Maintenance, does more than just ensure that the existing medium voltage switchgear can be easily retrofitted and brought up to the latest technical standard using retrofit solutions. It is also representative of the added benefit you get from the technical skill and expertise in short-circuit and earth fault indicators that we can guarantee you here at Horstmann.

To show you we don’t make overreaching promises, we’ve presented our product series for cable networks and overhead lines in detail on the following pages. Please get in touch to arrange a personal meeting about your project on: +49 2056 976 0.

For underground cables

On the following pages we present our product families for underground cables.

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For overhead lines

Looking for a remote monitoring and fault detection solution for your overhead lines?

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Current and voltage sensors for highly accurate measurements.

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Small and big helpers for the installation.

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