Voltage detection – personal safety is our top priority

For us, being among the best in the business for voltage detection and monitoring systems in medium voltage networks means developing, producing and supplying easy-to-use and future-proof products for energy suppliers and railway operators.

For us here at Horstmann, this means that we provide our customers with exactly the voltage detection technology that meets their individual needs, thus ensuring high levels of system availability and security of supply.

The product range starts with our FL-I voltage detector and continues with the Comet BL-I/BL-A/BS-I/BS-A series. This also includes the capacitive voltage detecting systems type HR-ST, LRM-ST (pluggable systems) and the multifunctional measuring device Orion. Another technical option is testing with fixed built-in capacitive voltage detecting systems and integrated VDS, which you may already be familiar with under the name of Wega. We round off our product portfolio with the voltage testers BO-A 2.0 and the BO-A 2.0 AC/DC for railway operators.

Do you also want to test your switchgears and electrical systems for “Voltage Present” using the best measuring technology? Or do you want to provide your employees with the latest testing equipment for mobile working?

At Horstmann GmbH, we are experts in verifying the absence of operating voltage in the medium voltage network. We can support you with our innovative testing technologies for the safe, efficient and trouble-free transmission of electrical energy and its effective distribution.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Voltage detection systems

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Voltage detectors

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Everything for a safe transportation and a safe voltage detection

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