No reporting without Reporter

The Reporter – or rather Reporters – really live up to their name. They detect and transmit all digital conditions of short-circuit and earth fault indicators, door contacts and also temperature sensors, to name but a few.

Unlike Reporter 4.0, Reporter 3.0 can be used without an external power supply and can be easily connected with short-circuit and earth fault indicators from the Sigma series. Reporter 4.0 is the right choice for anyone wanting to receive data from ComPass B 2.0 and wanting to measure power, energy and frequency as well as voltage, current, load flow direction and power factor.

Both Reporter versions transmit data to and from iHost. Thanks to their robust housing, they are resistant to weather conditions and are reliable in carrying out their tasks.

Depending on the working environment, configuring the Reporter is easy: You can choose to use your Windows-based PC or the remote signal via iHost. Any fault detected is transmitted with no delay from iHost to the control room. Your employees receive notifications of short-circuits and earth faults to all internet-enabled devices. Whether that’s by e-mail or text message – you have the choice, we have the solution.

Reporter 3.0

For all indicators with relay contacts.

Further information

Reporter 4.0

For all indicators of the ComPass 2.0 series.

Further information

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