Earth 4.0

Earth fault indicator with LED and mechanical flag

The Earth 4.0 is an earth fault indicator. It is designed to detect, locally indicate and remotely report earth fault currents in medium voltage distribution networks. A wired earth fault current transformer monitors the summation current of all three conductors.

The electronics of the display unit evaluates the measurements. When the fault sensitivity threshold is exceeded, a red LED will start flashing and a mechanical flag becomes visible. In addition to that, the remote indication contacts are energised.

A system-specific external signal lamp is optionally available.

Equipment set includes:

  • 1 display unit
  • 1 summation current transformer
  • Indication of earth fault currents by LED and mechanical flag
  • Remote indication, test and reset via relay contacts
  • Battery status indication and remote indication via relay contact

Your advantages

  • Clear earth fault indication via LED and mechanical flag
  • Connection to remote monitoring
  • Early warning of battery end-of-life

Technical specifications

Earth fault detection methods

Earth short-circuit

Low-impedance/short-term low-impedance earthed ---
Isolated earthed ---
Resonant earthed -
Earth short-circuit trip current

25, 50, 60, 80 A

Response delay earth short-circuit

80, 160 ms

Trip current transient method -
Trip current active current cos ɸ -
Response delay active current cos ɸ -
Trip current reactive current sin ɸ -
Response delay reactive current sin ɸ -
Trip current permanent earth fault -
Response delay permanent earth fault -
Trip current pulse detection -

1 red LED, 1 yellow LED (battery status), mechanical flag

Relay contacts 3
Remote contact

Potential-free permanent and momentary contact (1 s)

Contact capacity: 230 V AC/1 A/62.5 VA max.

220 V DC/1 A/60 W max.

RS485/Modbus-RTU -
USB port -
Binary inputs -
Ethernet interface -
Manual reset ---
Remote reset ---
Automatic time reset ---
Reset via interface -
Reset on current restoration -
Reset on voltage restoration ---
Reset on restoration of auxiliary supply -
Reset via Explorer Software -
Internal power supply

Long-life lithium cell, shelf life ≥20 years, total flashing time ≥1,200 h

External auxiliary supply -
CT powered ---

Polycarbonate, IP65

Temperature range -30 to +70 °C
Cable diameter -
  1. Earth fault indication by LED and mechanical flag
  2. Battery status indication
  3. Test/Reset function
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