Retrofit for earth cable

Integration of old Paper-Insulated Lead-Covered (PILC) underground cables into smart grid environments using CSOR

❌ The challenge

EWR GmbH Remscheid is faced with the challenge of modernising its medium-voltage substations. Like many grid operators, it uses old earth cables to connect its medium-voltage stations. Although these work perfectly, they were previously difficult to integrate into smart grid environments.

➡️ CSOR current sensor solution

By mounting the new CSOR sensor holder on insulated, unshielded medium-voltage cables - so-called earth cables - modern short-circuit indicators can be connected and monitored via LoRaWAN. The current sensor is suitable for connecting the entire Sigma and ComPass series.

✅ Customer benefits

By developing special mounts for earth cables, Horstmann has paved the way for simple and economical digitalisation of medium-voltage networks with old cables.

For more information, please visit our blog post.

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