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What do I have to consider when using the Wega series in accordance with IEC 62271-213?

We have summarised these and other frequently asked questions about the new Wega series for you.

Question 1: What is the main difference between the previous and the new Wega series?

The new Wega series fulfils the IEC 62271-213, but also the older IEC 61243-5 standard. The previous Wega series fulfils IEC 61243-5, which will no longer be valid for Germany from 03.08.2024. This includes Wega 1.2 C, Wega 1.2 C Vario and Wega 2.2 C. 

Question 2: What additional features does the new Wega series have?

  • New housing design with tool-free installation
  • Display with optimised temperature range and high contrast ratio
  • Two AMP and one flat plug connection as standard for more flexibility
  • Vario versions: User-friendly rotary switches so that 15 different C2 values can be set easily
  • The relay-version (Wega 2) is now also available as a Vario-version (Wega 2 V)

Question 3: Why has the name been shortened in the new Wega series?

Previously, we used the letter "C" to indicate that the voltage signal can be forwarded to the ComPass fault passage indicator. This is now standard, so Wega 1.2 C, for example, has now simply become Wega 1. The voltage signal forwarding to a ComPass or Sigma D fault passage indicator is possible with all variants of the new Wega series.

Question 4: Can you rely on the Wega's LCD display?

Yes, if the system has been installed correctly, the indication via the LCD display is reliable in the temperature range from -45 °C to + 75 °C. No further testing with a combined voltage detection and indication system is necessary.

Question 5: What do I need to consider when using the new series?

Only the dedicated AMP output (labelled "OUT") may be used for voltage signal forwarding. This is adapted to the Horstmann short-circuit indicators for safe voltage forwarding. The other AMP socket and the flat plug connection are used for flexible connection to the C1 decoupling of the switchgear (labelled "IN"). A connection cable with a lockable system plug connection (AMP) on both sides is therefore always required for forwarding the voltage signal to the fault passage indicator.

Question 6: Why is the Wega so heavy compared to products from other manufacturers?

The Wega from Horstmann is fully encapsulated so that it is protected against all climatic conditions. Even salt mist tests (relevant for coastal regions) have been proven not to affect the Wega's function. The Wega series from Horstmann therefore fulfils highest quality standards.

Have you seen it yet?

Our product video on YouTube about product features and installation of Wega 1.


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