ComPass D brings transparency to the power grid

On the way to the smart grid: digital fault direction indicator ComPass D in focus

Energy suppliers and grid operators are faced with the challenge of handling the increasing load on their power grids, e.g. from e-charging stations, heat pumps and renewable energies, efficiently. ➡️ The use of modern technologies plays a decisive role here.

ComPass D:

Horstmann's ComPass D digital fault direction indicator enables real-time monitoring of power grids and makes a significant contribution to mastering the challenges of modern energy infrastructure.

Fit for the future

Once the ComPass D has been installed, the response time to faults is significantly reduced. The collected data contributes to transparency in the medium-voltage grid, enabling power peaks to be intercepted and grid efficiency to be optimised.

ComPass D is an investment in the future of the energy infrastructure.

Find out how energy suppliers are using ComPass D to digitalise their grids and what benefits it offers in detail in our blog post.


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