Voltage detecting systems

Wega 1.2 C vario

Integrated voltage detecting system with display and adjustable C2 capacitor

Wega 1.2 C vario is a 3-phase voltage detecting system, which indicates the following operating voltage states:

Wega 1.2 C vario can be used to upgrade an HR interface to LRM interface.

The built-in display test function at the front enables verification of the display of the installed and de-energised unit.

To ensure flexibility, an adjustable capacitor cube is plugged in on the back of the device allowing the use of various balancing capacitors.

For connection, either shielded or unshielded cables with flat connectors or system connectors can be used.

Optional: Mounting kit consisting of support frame with magnet on the back along with connection cable for HR interface for easy attachment on the front face of switchgear units.

  • Designed according to IEC 61243-5 (VDE 0682-415)
  • Wide-range Wega (e.g. 10 – 20 / 24 kV): Reduction of variants due to pluggable capacitor cube
  • Integrated maintenance test: maintenance-free
  • Retrofit ready: connection to ComPass B and Sigma D series
  • Front accessible LRM interface: fully featured according to IEC 61243-5
  • Fully enclosed electronics: high functional reliability
  • Overvoltage indication: phase-selective

Technical specifications

3-phase VDIS according to IEC 62271-213 -
3-phase VDS according to IEC 61243-5 ---
Capacitive voltage coupling for ComPass B series and Sigma D series ---
Overvoltage indication ---
Integrated permanent maintenance test ---
Adjustable C2 capacitor ---
Assembly set for retrofit ---
Nominal voltage 1 – 52 kV (nominal voltage of switchgear, further values on request)
Nominal frequency 50 – 60 Hz

3 LRM measuring sockets (one per phase) and 1 earth socket

LRM system, 14 mm distance between sockets, with captive anti-dust cap


LCD display with arrow, dot and wrench tool

Relay contacts -
Internal power supply

LCD display: fed by measuring voltage

External auxiliary supply -
CT powered -

Polycarbonate, IP54

Temperature range -25 to +65 °C
Cable diameter -
  1. Integrated phase-selective voltage indication
  2. Fully featured LRM interface (IEC61243-5)
  3. Display test button
  4. Adjustable capacitors
  5. Various connection options
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