Reporter 4.0

For all indicators of the ComPass 2.0 series

The Reporter 4.0 is used for the remote signalling of short-circuits, earth faults and additional status reports from a medium voltage network. The information is transferred by ComPass B or ComPass B 2.0 in particular.

Voltage, current, load flow direction, power factor, power, energy and frequency are also measured and monitored. The received reports are transferred to iHost through a bidirectional data connection.

The Reporter 4.0 is housed in robust, weatherproof housing for wall mounting and can be configured using Windows-based PC software and iHost.

Reported short-circuits and earth faults are securely sent to SCADA via the iHost system and can be retrieved by any web-enabled device at any time. Notifications can also be received by e-mail and / or SMS.

  • Detection and forwarding of digital states as generated e.g. by short-circuit or earth fault indicators, door contacts etc.
  • Transfer via bidirectional data connection to iHost
  • Auxiliary supply necessary

Technical specifications

Special features

Routine call

Automatic date and time synchronisation

Transmission of signal field strength

Temperature sensor

Fault and status notification via SMS and / or e-mail


16 digital inputs (hardware)

8 analogue inputs (4 – 20 mA) (hardware)

63 Modbus (digital) – 47 if hardware inputs are used

68 Modbus (analogue) – 60 if hardware inputs are used

Interfaces Modbus

Bidirectional data connection to iHost

Internal power supply

Back-up battery, max. 24 h

External auxiliary supply 100 – 240 V AC (50 – 60 Hz)
CT powered -

Wall mounting


Glass fibre reinforced polyester, IP66

Temperature range -20 to +65 °C
Cable diameter -
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