Voltage detectors

Compare 2.0

Single-pole phase comparator

The phase comparator Compare 2.0 is a single-pole, capacitive phase comparator for voltages from 5 – 36 kV. The device detects “correct phase relationship” or “incorrect phase relationship” conditions between two live conductors of a medium voltage distribution network.

Confirming to IEC 61481 Class B, “incorrect phase relationship” appears at a phase angle between 60° and 300°.

Four bright LEDs indicate various operational conditions.

The turning knob is used to select between three voltage ranges::
1: 5 – 10 kV
2: 10 – 20 kV
3: 20 – 36 kV

The phase comparison is realised by contacting the conductors one after the other.

In medium voltage networks with decentralised renewable energy feed-ins, measurement interruptions may occur. In such cases repeat the phase comparison. It is impossible to get a wrong indication.

According to the German accident prevention standard DGUV Regulation 3 (Table 1c), the device is subject to maintenance tests with minimum intervals of at least 6 years.

  • „Designed according to IEC 61481 (VDE 0682-431)
  • Single-pole, capacitive phase comparator
  • Detection of correct phase relationship and incorrect phase relationship between two live conductors
  • For dry conditions
  • Optical indication
  • Built-in self-test function

Technical specifications

Dry conditions ---
Dry and wet conditions ---
Self-test ---
Visual ---
Visual and acoustic -

1 white LED/1 blue LED/1 green LED/1 red LED

Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Voltage range selectable ---
Dismountable ---
Power supply

2 lithium cells, battery service life: 6 years based on 10 ready-to-operate cycles per day for a total of

230 work days per year

Operating class

B (indication of phase unbalance in the range of 60° – 300°)

Temperature range -25 to +70 °C, climatic class N and W
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