Voltage detectors

BO-A 2.0

For wet conditions

The BO-A 2.0 is a voltage detector for medium voltage railway overhead lines. It is designed to detect the absence or presence of voltage during maintenance work for example.

The voltage detector BO-A 2.0 is suitable for use in 16.7 / 50 / 60 Hz networks. If the voltage detector BO-A 2.0 is used in a network with a deviating frequency, an optical and acoustic signal is activated. In this case the network situation must be verified.

The BO-A 2.0 is designed according to IEC 61243-1 resp. DIN VDE 0681-6, depending on the version. The voltage detector is ready for the global market.

According to the German accident prevention standard DGUV Regulation 3 (Table 1c), the device is subject to maintenance tests with intervals of not more than 6 years.

  • VDE version – according to DIN VDE 0681-6
    IEC version – based on IEC 61243-1 category S
  • Pluggable system – minimal setup
  • Integrated self-test – enhanced safety
  • Light weight – easy handling and transportation
  • Indoor, outdoor and wet weather
  • Length of 4.7 m – voltage detection from the ground
  • Storage bag – safe transport

Technical specifications

Dry conditions ---
Dry and wet conditions ---

Indication “Ready”: green LED (after successful self-test)

Indication "Voltage present": red LED and acoustic signal

Indication "Voltage not present": green LED and NO acoustic signal

Indication "Ready"

65 s ±15 s


According to group III IEC 61243-1

Nominal voltage/Nominal frequency

VDE version: 11 kV/16.7 Hz or 15 kV/16.7 Hz

IEC version: 15 kV/16.7 Hz or 25 kV/50 Hz or 25 kV/60 Hz

Properties of the insulating rod Passed test as insulating element for leakage current at 1.2 x Vr for 1 min
Transportation length <1,111 mm
Minimum length insulating element >520 mm
Power supply

Lithium cells, battery service life: 6 years based on 10 ready -to-operate cycles per day for a total

of 230 work days per year

Temperature range -20 to +70 °C, climatic class N and W
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