Voltage detecting systems

Notice | Product discontinuation of the Wega series according to IEC 61243-5

Please take note of the current information regarding the discontinuation.

If you need assistance in selecting alternative products, our field sales representatives and partners are at your disposal.

Wega 1

Voltage detection system with display

Wega is a three-phase voltage testing system that indicates subsequent medium voltage conditions:

   Voltage present
Threshold value for voltage presence indication: 0.1 – 0.45 x Un.
Installation note: The voltage signal is too low when operating the system at nominal voltage.
The cause is usually the selected adjustment capacitor which is too large or the operation of the
switchgear at a nominal voltage that is lower than originally envisaged.
   Voltage present and passed maintenance test
The current flowing through the display unit meets the current monitoring requirements of
IEC 61243-5 and IEC 62271-213. A maintenance test is not necessary due to the continuous monitoring.
Voltage present and integrated maintenance test passed; voltage signal, nonetheless, is too high
Installation note: Voltage signal too high. The cause is usually the selected adjustment capacitor
which is too small, an earth fault or the operation of the switchgear at a nominal voltage that is
higher than originally envisaged.
Voltage not present
When the system is switched off at all poles, all symbols are switched off.
Voltage applied <0.1 x Un.
  • According to the new IEC 62271-213:2021 standard
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly: Saves time
  • Integrated repeat test: maintenance-free
  • Retrofit ready: coupling of ComPass B and Sigma D series
  • Fully encapsulated electronics: high functional reliability
  • Extended temperature range from -40°C to +75°C: Increased application possibilities
  • High display contrast: improved readability
  • Overvoltage display: phase-selective
  • LRM interface on the front: fully compliant with IEC 62271-213:2021

Technical specifications

1-phase VDIS according to IEC 62271-213 -
2-phase VDIS according to IEC 62271-213 -
3-phase VDIS according to IEC 62271-213 ---
3-phase VDS according to IEC 61243-5 ---
Capacitive voltage coupling for ComPass B series and Sigma D series ---
Overvoltage indication ---
Integrated permanent maintenance test ---
Adjustable C2 capacitor -
Assembly set for retrofit -
Nominal voltage 1 – 52 kV (nominal voltage of switchgear, further values on request)
Nominal frequency 50 – 60 Hz

3 LRM measuring sockets (one per phase) and 1 earth socket

LRM system, 14 mm distance between sockets, with captive anti-dust cap


LCD display with arrow, dot and wrench tool

Relay contacts -
Internal power supply

LCD display: fed by measuring voltage

External auxiliary supply -
CT powered -

Polycarbonat, IP54

Temperature range −40 °C bis +75 °C
Cable diameter -
  1. Integrated phase-selective voltage display
  2. Full LRM interface (IEC 62271-213) for use with Orion 3.1 / M1
  3. Display test button
  4. Variable connection options (flat plug & system plug)
  5. Voltage output with decoupling unit for voltage transmission to earth and short-circuit indicators
  6. Completely encapsulated - thus durable and increased work safety
  7. Low installation depth: 20 mm
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