Smart Navigator 2.0 LC

Fault detection with less than 5 A load current

Intelligent fault detection

The proven overcurrent detection alogrithm detects fault currents reliably under a wide range of network situations. Individual parameter settings tailor the Smart Navigator 2.0 LC perfectly for all locations in your overhead line network, eliminating false tripping.

Whenever a fault is detected, besides the fault information, also all monitoring data is signalled to the control room – this gives full visibility on the network condition before and after the fault occurred.

Fault messages containing information about fault direction, voltage interruption, current drop and increase in conductor temperature support the problem detection and root cause identification. Every fault is signalled to the control room within 1 minute.


Power supply
For overhead lines with base loads smaller than 5 A, pole-mounted units with solar panels are used to ensure supply and control room communication. Alternatively, these can be powered from a DC or AC auxiliary power supply.

The high battery capacity of the Smart Navigators guarantees a service life of >10 years, and any load current extends the service life. Thanks to the solar or auxiliary power supply, the pole-mounted units can communicate with up to nine Smart Navigator devices simultaneously, thus monitoring and remotely reporting three overhead line sections.


Remote signalling and monitoring

Thanks to remote signalling, the complex, high-quality and diverse sensor technology enables clear monitoring and thus direct insight into your overhead line network. Sections containing decentralized feed-in points are clearly identified by the remotely reported load flow direction.

Remote maintenance such as software updates or configuration adjustments can be performed via the GSM / LTE connection.

The overhead line conductor temperature is measured and remotely reported, enabling optimal load control by the control room.



Thanks to the innovative clamping mechanism of the Smart Navigator 2.0 LC, unintentional detaching from the overhead line due to environmental influences is impossible.

With a hot stick, the Smart Navigator 2.0 LC can be mounted on an overhead line up to 12 meters high, even under live conditions. Likewise, it also can be uninstalled again without any problems.

The pole-mounted units can be attached in various ways to all sorts of overhead line poles.



The pole-mounted units feature an internal GPS sensor that provides excact position of the installation to the control room.

  • Intelligent fault detection – reduces outage times
  • Overhead line monitoring – data for the evaluation of the network condition
  • Energy Harvesting – simply clipped onto a phase conductor of the overhead line
  • Innovative installation - on live conductors and from the ground
  • Remote maintenance – configuration and updates from the control room

Technical specifications

Short-circuit trip current

Max. 1,200 A

Response delay short-circuit -
Accuracy -
Self-adjustment -
Trip factor -
Adjustment delay -
Peak load memory -
Indication (short-circuit/earth fault)

Ultra bright LEDs

Visibility -
Flash rate -
Manual reset

With magnet

Automatic time reset

4 h

Remote reset

Via iHost

Reset on current restoration

>3 A load current

Reset on voltage restoration

≥5 kV line voltage

Current measurement accuracy

±2 A (0 – 10 A)

3 % (10 – 600 A)

5 % (>600 A)


Different algorithms for fault detection

Power supply

Smart Navigator 2.0 LC: battery (shelf life >10 years)

Pole Master: Solar panel, DC voltage supply or AC voltage supply

Battery check -
Max. permissible voltage

≤69 kV (L-L)

Withstand current

800 A (@ ≤50 °C)

600 A (@ ≥50 °C)

25 kA/3 s

40 kA/1 s

Event reporting -
Remote monitoring

Fault detection

Fault current magnitude and duration

Loss of current or voltage

Data monitoring



Private APN , public APN

TLS1.1, TLS1.2

Cellular (WAN)



iHost Cloud for quick system integration

Direct connection to the control room

Individual server solution

Remote maintenance

Software updates

Configuration settings

Functionality monitoring


Smart Navigator 2.0 LC: Hot stick (installation on live conductors)

Pole Master: Adapter fixation for different pole types


With 3, 6 or 9 Smart Navigator 2.0 LC


UV resistant polycarbonate, IP65

Temperature range -40 to +85 °C
Cable diameter

Up to 33 mm

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